Materiality: PRECIOUS

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Materiality is CRANK's better-behaved sister publication—Elizabeth from Pride and Prejudice (or perhaps even Mary, if we're honest), rather than Lydia or Kitty. PRECIOUS examines our relationship between precious things and our identity—cultural and personal. Read about gold mining and selling, the lost thylacine, love letters, illuminated manuscripts, a broken doll, Japanese lacquer, saffron, trash vs treasure and interviews with a jeweller, a luthier and a gemmologist. Plus there's a special zine in the back pocket!

Contributors to this issue include Shoshanna Beale, Graham Caldersmith, Sarah Caldwell, Alice Cannon, Tom Dullemond, Kelly Gardiner, Grant Hamid, Em Hart, Kate Haycock, Savina Hopkins, Jordi Kerr, Susan Long, Mike Lynch, Mike Pottenger, Jane Ruljancich, Anna Ryan-Punch, Harry Saddler, Suzi Shaw, Anna Welch, Kate Whitfield and Zoe Vogels. The gorgeous cover art work is by Gracia + Louise.

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