Materiality: TIME

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Materiality is CRANK's somewhat more worthy sister publication, also from pinknantucket press. This issue examines our relationship with time as it is observed and measured by our physical environment, our bodies and our material culture. You'll read about how capitalism co-opted time through the invention of time clocks, the development of medieval books of hours, the rise of the squirrel people, Viking bone structures, the frozen remnants of Antarctic expeditions, and crack patterns in paintings. A special edition zine by Mike Lynch is included in the back pocket. The TIME issue also features flip book illustrations by Gracia + Louise and Albertine Hamilton.

Contributors: Tom Ashton, Michelle Berry, Sarah Caldwell, Alice Cannon, Alex Ellem, Caren Florance, Carolyn Fraser, Helen Gill, Gracia Haby + Louise Jennison, Albertine Hamilton, Ian Hamilton, Em Hart, Kate Haycock, Liam Hogan, Savina Hopkins, Vicki Humphrey, Mat Larkin, MaryJo Lelyveld, Mike Lynch, Ashley Ng, Chris Roberts, Anna Ryan-Punch, Felix Scholz, Jenny Sinclair, Zoe Vogels, Amy & Kelly Williamson, and Andrew Wurster. The beautiful art work on the front cover is by Savina Hopkins.

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