CRANK is a forum in which you can air petty annoyances, obscure conspiracy theories and general arguments about what is wrong with the world. The more petty and obscure, the better! Actual arguments, however spurious, are preferred to rants. Profanities and personal attacks should be avoided. Writings on truly serious issues are better directed to other publications.

Contributions of around 500 words can be sent to the editor and must be signed using your name or social media handle and city or website of residence. They may be edited for space and/or clarity. Submissions can be received at any time, for publication on this website.   

If you disagree with or are annoyed by any of the opinions expressed here, please consider writing a rebuttal for publication in CRANK.

Please send submissions via the form below. Or, email your submission in Word or as plain text (address to chiefnantucket at gmail). Cartoons, illustrations, photographs and diagrams are also welcomed. Preferred image formats are jpgs and tifs, in black and white.

There are currently no author payments for CRANK submissions. Your submission, if accepted will appear on this website and may also be selected for inclusion in hard copy anthologies (we'll be in touch if we'd like to include yours).

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