Letters, photographs, postcards, Christmas cards, concert tickets, maps and pamphlets collected on holidays, various other bits and pieces—what's the best way way to store them?

Polypropylene storage albums are a great way of keeping paper-based ephemera together—they keep items flat and secure, protect the surface of photographs from dust, light and fingerprints, but allow you to flip through and see and read everything clearly. Polypropylene is an inert plastic with good ageing properties. Storage sleeves are available in a variety of configurations, to fit letters and standard photo print & negative sizes—so you won't need to stick anything down (avoid adhesives where you can). You can often buy acid-free card inserts to put inside full-page sleeves, for extra support.

These albums are made by a variety of companies, including Albox AustraliaZetta Florence and Archival Survival (all Australian companies, there are equivalents overseas if that is where you are).